Global domains

Domain Names suitable for global sales

A Quality E-commerce website needs to appeal to two types of customers,

A Robot and and Human.

Visual Design and layout will cater to the human.

Coding, meta’s and SEO will cater to the Robot. The search engine robot when looking through a website for indexing and ranking purposes, will review meta’s, content, alt tags, image names, page titles etc to glean what information it can to help it make a decision as to the nature and purpose of the website. One if the first fields it comes to that it can used for indexing & ranking purposes is the Domain Name.

A domain name that is relevant to the products sold on the site and in particular a domain name  that is similar to (or contains) the search query which is used globally everyday will all other things been equal rank higher than the competition organically.. Relevant websites rank higher than less relevant websites.

Websites with names Similar to relevant search queries generate higher organic rankings..