Keyword Rich Domains

A question often asked in SEO circles.Keyword Rich Domains for Automotive parts sales

Do Domain names with relevant search keywords as part of the domain name rank higher than domains without the keyword?

In the online business these are known as “Keyword Rich Domains”.

There are several posts by SEO experts discussing this, we have highlighted relevant excerpts as well as including links to the entire article below.

Article Excerpt #1

” This research resulted in a 50.6% 1st page ranking of keyword rich domain names. Basically, more than 50% of websites that come up on the first page of Google SERP’s has a keyword rich / exact match domain name. 6/9 Keyword rich domain names hold the number 1 and 2 spot for Google SERP’s through the given data. At the time, Google is giving sites with keywords in domain name more authority over sites that do not have keywords in domain name.”

Full Article: Does Google rank keyword rich domains higher in search. Chris Ulloa, Optimum 7. Click Here

Article Excerpt #2

“Should You Continue Investing Into Your Exact-Match Domain? If your exact-match domain is performing well, chances are you are fine keeping it but now even more than before, you need to make sure that your site is high quality with great, unique content that will strengthen and support the domain’s relevance. Be sure to pay attention to all the signals you are sending to Google, like too aggressive anchor text link building.

Full Article: Keyword rich domain names, should you invest ? Etela Ivkovic, Dragon Search. Click Here